Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays

I have to be honest I am copying one of the items on Wish List Wednesday from a Facebook post I made before Christmas.....It truly is what every mother, father, person-on-the-go needs.  And no it isn't more time in a day!!

It is a wireless key finder!  Seriously, how many times have you misplaced your keys and while wandering around your house searching for them have said..."I need one of those call buttons like the phone has, for my keys".  Okay so maybe I am the only one who says that..but still I think this thing is so cool!

It comes with 2 key fobs so you can find both your keys and your hubby's.  Check it out Wireless Key Finder.

My next wish list is a project that is sitting on my husband to-do list for a few weeks...eventually ....

I need this organized craft space in my living room! 

For anyone who knows my house, my living room is essentially split in 2.  On one half is our couches and TV...on the other half is my antique piano, the fireplace, computer and stacks of my craft stuff.

What I really would like, is a workable craft/storage space that is functional!

One would think that this would be easy, knowing that my husband is a carpenter, but just as the shoemaker's kids go barefoot, the carpenter's wife goes without the craft centre!

Here are some other that I enjoy and would love to incorporate.....  What do you think?

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