Advent Calendar

I'm allergic to tree nuts, which means that the majority of the cheap cardboard advent calendars sold in stores cause huge anaphaltic reactions to me...therefore a homemade advent calendar is a must!  We have had one which we inherited from my step mom when she retired from teaching primary school but I have always wanted to create one of my own.  The calendar took much longer than I expected but was worth ener glue filled moment!

 It started with finding this awesome paper at

I then used my awesome 2 inch punch to get the perfect circles (thanks to a Michael's 50% off coupon).

I used the Wilton Favor tins (once again another Michael's coupon ~ but I had to go back two different times becasue they wouldn't let me use two the same day!!)

 Number 1 of 25...but they look so cute!!!

All 25 ready to be mounted onto a canvas....I know most advent calendars go until the 24th  but I like the idea of an extra special surprise on the 25th.

All finished and ready to go for next year!