Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laura & Kelly's Excellent Adventure - Part 2 - The Beginning, Again!

In less than 24 hours, Miss Megs will begin her second competition season with her bff Piper, who happens to be the daughter of my bff, Kelly!

I am so lucky to be sharing this journey with them!  And am super excited as Kelly's older daughter ( and my pseudo daughter) Hailey is joining our ride for the first time this year...can't wait to watch her compete!

We have so many memories of our first year competing ~ "Tips up Ladies" ~ Ann, many fishbowls, the Germans, Diane, the armpit of the U.S.A~  But I am looking forward to making more memories as we start a new chapter with our new studio, Angela Maracle Studios..Already I am making my list ~ wine IV's, Mr Dressup, Bush Trimming....

I can promise everyone that it is never a boring ride when you are on one of our adventures and this year will be no different....stay tuned for details!

Miss Megs in Alice

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Ready to be Shamrocked on my Birthday!!

I am sensing a theme this week, and the theme is obviously "My Birthday"!  It isn't very often that I head out to the local watering fact I rarely do...the idea of running into former students really gives me the creeps (and believe me it has happened!).  Tomorrow night I am making the exception!  I am off to the Bellevegas Boardroom for their Get Shamrocked for Gleaners Food Bank!

The Bellevegas Boardroom is a new establishment here in town....taking it's name from the nickname that we locals have long called our friendly city.  I know a few people who work/been there and they say it is out of this world....the classy, adult friendly bar that has been missing from Belleville for decades.  They have a great looking list of live bands that are set to play in the upcoming weeks.  Not only am I excited for tomorrow night but am hopeful that I have found a place for my friends and I to go, enjoy a martini, have a great gab and enjoy some entertainment!

Tomorrow being St. Patty's Day, Bellevegas Boardroom has linked up with our local food bank Gleaner's.   Making/bringing a donation for the food bank is ticket into what should be the best party in town!  Jessica Murphy ~ Rock 107 Lovely Lady/Dance Teacher Extraordinaire/Bellevegas Boardroom Bartender~ has secured us a VIP section for the evening!  What a great way to celebrate my birthday ~ helping a great cause, supporting a local business and sharing an evening with friends!  Hope to see you there!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Hey It's my birthday!!!

Every year in March, two things happen, we have March Break and I celebrate my birthday!

Today I began the downhill glide to 40....and really I'm OK, if you take into account that I self cut some fringe to hide the ever deepening wrinkles on my forehead and have purchased a hair colour to hide some new found white twinkles!  But seriously birthdays are something I think everyone should relish and celebrate!

So what does a whimsical Walton do on her special day?  Nothing!  That's right, nada!  As a matter of fact I haven't stepped into a shower or out of my pajamas yet....pathetic?  Me thinks not!

It wasn't planned to be a day like this....originally I planned to go get keys cut to the dance studio, grab the remaining costumes, finish altering some costumes, apply some rhinestones and complete my list of things to grab at the dancewear store at the end of the week.  But...I didn't.

I did do things, a great many things, as a matter of fact, I filled my day with random self-serving activities.  I made phone calls to my grandmother and best friends.  I played games on the computer because I could!  I read the directions to my new Singer serger and convinced myself that I can teach myself how to serge (or whatever the verb would be).  I received a beautiful plant from a dear friend and mother of my godson. I ate cheezies for lunch and followed it with a dessert of Easter Cream Eggs.

It was a complete "Laura" day...unfortunately there was a little nagging voice that told me that "this is ridiculous" so I also organized the dancewear order and made a list of everything that I need to do this week!

One item on the list was doing my birthday blog so I guess I check this one off!  I thought I would share some of the wonderful gifts that I many people were so thoughtful....

Mac went with Daddy and bought me a new bead for my Pandora. He picked this out "'cause it will remind you of me!"
Here it is with my really is growing....

My sister, Leanne, gave me some money for shopping while we were in the States.  I decided to put it to good use on these super comfy Puma sandals/shoes!  They are perfect for what my bff Kelly and I call "in between" weather!

This was an unexpected but super gift!  A Singer Serger!  My mom and I having been drooling over them for years.  It so happened that while in JoAnn Fabric we came across a super deal and voila great present!

My good friend, Victoria, brought me over a beautiful plant, it looks so springy!  I hope I can keep it alive long enough to see spring!

One of the sweetest gifts...Miss Megs bought these for me with her own hard earned money....she is such a thoughtful person that way and I am so proud of her!  Thanks Megs!

Keeping with the birthday theme, I hope everyone is able to attend my birthday get together on St. Patty's Day at the Bellevegas Boardroom....all the details will be available tomorrow....


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday and International Women's Day

I have to tell you I am not a lover of pancakes....they are heavy little creatures, no matter how light and fluffy they claim to be....however, I am a stickler for observing dates on calendarS....bringing us to yesterday providing me with the materials for today's blog.....

Voila!  Pancake Tuesday chez The Walton's.  Buttermilk pancakes, turkey sausage, strawberries and locally made Maple syrup!

The story behind Shrove/Pancake Tuesday is the story of Mardi Gras (translation Fat Tuesday).  Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday are celebrated as days of indulgence before Christians start Lent, a traditional time of fasting and giving things up in preparation for Easter.  Rich ingredients such as eggs, butter, sugar and flour would be used up before the start of Lent (Ash Wednesday) in order to avoid temptation to break the fast.Since I was a child, we have always had pancakes on this day - and so the tradition continues!

Yesterday was also International Women's Day, a day in which I believe is completely under rated.  Mabel's Labels, is one of my favourite, online/organization/kid necessity companies.  As if their labels are not the greatest, they produced an awesome video in celebration of International Women's Day that I just had to share.  I wish I had posted it yesterday but better late than never!
Hope you had a great International Women's Day and an even better Fat Tuesday!


Monday, March 7, 2011

A Glimpse Times 2!!

I wanted to start off by highlighting my friend's new blog.Just a glimpse...Shannon is the epitome of all things I am not, great stay at home mom, pagan and vegetarian...I can't wait to share in her experiences, recipes and journeys...I hope you will join us on her ride as well!

And back to me (tee hee)!

This past weekend was all about costuming, alterations and stretching my creativity!  Prior to this weekend I was having some serious fits, worrying that costumes were not going to arrive in time for me to alter and bling before competition season began at the end of the month!  Well the costume gods heard my prayers and a big box of joy arrived on the doorstep of our studio owner!

I thought I would share what's been going down, as well as the creative straw that almost broke this camel's back!

A selection of props that the dance moms extraordinaire have been working on....creative ladies, Michelle, Donna and Sue!

Michelle's husband made the great monkey bars, Michelle decorated them and I use them as impromptu hanging racks for my collection of costumes!

A beautiful tutu that I tacked (bad photo)....

Now for the costume that nearly drove me nutso!  Picture a "Black Eyed Peas" inspired hip hop.....the choreographer wanted the green covered in silver....thought about duct tape but decided on reflective tape....will look great once I finish!

A shot of both the green and reflective....

Just missing the extra tape to make solid, thick lines.....


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Prezzie Dreams

As my blog readers know (and I keep telling myself that you are out there), 2011 has been my year of change.  The Walton's have been sticking to our Budget Jars for two months, I have been trying to keep priorities in line and now my newest change...a Birthday Wish List.

Every year, friends and family alike ask what I would like for my birthday and every year like a responsible adult I reply, "nothing".  But really, this is a half truth.  In fact, I do want things, but I have convinced myself that asking seems greedy and immature.  Or, the things I want have been lost in a shuffle of things the children, the family, the house, etc, need and by the time the question is asked I truthfully have forgotten.

This year, I have decided (with the help of my bff, Kelly, who remembered many of my wants throughout the year) to actually make, share and hope for, a birthday list!

So here are some of the ideas...with pictures for those of you who are visual learners!

Lug Bag - I actually love two of these bags, both of which I can completely justify having, therefore needing both!
I love these colours too!

While we are discussing accessories...I must confess once the dreaded white stuff disappears my little toesies are crying to be free!  It is then that I turn to my tried and trusted Birk's.....I love the ones I have now, little bit earthy, little bit dressy...but fact is I need new ones!  These are the ones that I am hoping to snag this year down in Syracuse when we go on March Break....

Next on my list is an item that is a complete indulgence....I am quite happy with books in the paper form but I am secretly longing for an e-reader....a complete long shot gift but mucho appreciado should it appear!

Last, but certainly no least, is the old stand life has changed so much in the last few years....whereas before I would be looking for designer classic pieces that be suitable for work, dressy occasions, etc...I know find myself realizing that I can not crawl around the studio altering tutus in wool trousers!  That isn't to say that I am becoming a total "Schlumpadinka" but there has to be a happy medium between fun and functional....that being said here are a few pieces that are singing my tune

Well that's it!  And believe me, it feels really good!  I suggest if you have a special occasion coming up that you make a list of things you need/want and share it!  By the way, if you run into any of my family...most importantly James, please let them now about the items on my list!  I promise to do the same for you when it your special day comes around!