Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laura & Kelly's Excellent Adventure - Part 2 - The Beginning, Again!

In less than 24 hours, Miss Megs will begin her second competition season with her bff Piper, who happens to be the daughter of my bff, Kelly!

I am so lucky to be sharing this journey with them!  And am super excited as Kelly's older daughter ( and my pseudo daughter) Hailey is joining our ride for the first time this year...can't wait to watch her compete!

We have so many memories of our first year competing ~ "Tips up Ladies" ~ Ann, many fishbowls, the Germans, Diane, the armpit of the U.S.A~  But I am looking forward to making more memories as we start a new chapter with our new studio, Angela Maracle Studios..Already I am making my list ~ wine IV's, Mr Dressup, Bush Trimming....

I can promise everyone that it is never a boring ride when you are on one of our adventures and this year will be no different....stay tuned for details!

Miss Megs in Alice

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