Monday, March 7, 2011

A Glimpse Times 2!!

I wanted to start off by highlighting my friend's new blog.Just a glimpse...Shannon is the epitome of all things I am not, great stay at home mom, pagan and vegetarian...I can't wait to share in her experiences, recipes and journeys...I hope you will join us on her ride as well!

And back to me (tee hee)!

This past weekend was all about costuming, alterations and stretching my creativity!  Prior to this weekend I was having some serious fits, worrying that costumes were not going to arrive in time for me to alter and bling before competition season began at the end of the month!  Well the costume gods heard my prayers and a big box of joy arrived on the doorstep of our studio owner!

I thought I would share what's been going down, as well as the creative straw that almost broke this camel's back!

A selection of props that the dance moms extraordinaire have been working on....creative ladies, Michelle, Donna and Sue!

Michelle's husband made the great monkey bars, Michelle decorated them and I use them as impromptu hanging racks for my collection of costumes!

A beautiful tutu that I tacked (bad photo)....

Now for the costume that nearly drove me nutso!  Picture a "Black Eyed Peas" inspired hip hop.....the choreographer wanted the green covered in silver....thought about duct tape but decided on reflective tape....will look great once I finish!

A shot of both the green and reflective....

Just missing the extra tape to make solid, thick lines.....


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