Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Prezzie Dreams

As my blog readers know (and I keep telling myself that you are out there), 2011 has been my year of change.  The Walton's have been sticking to our Budget Jars for two months, I have been trying to keep priorities in line and now my newest change...a Birthday Wish List.

Every year, friends and family alike ask what I would like for my birthday and every year like a responsible adult I reply, "nothing".  But really, this is a half truth.  In fact, I do want things, but I have convinced myself that asking seems greedy and immature.  Or, the things I want have been lost in a shuffle of things the children, the family, the house, etc, need and by the time the question is asked I truthfully have forgotten.

This year, I have decided (with the help of my bff, Kelly, who remembered many of my wants throughout the year) to actually make, share and hope for, a birthday list!

So here are some of the ideas...with pictures for those of you who are visual learners!

Lug Bag - I actually love two of these bags, both of which I can completely justify having, therefore needing both!
I love these colours too!

While we are discussing accessories...I must confess once the dreaded white stuff disappears my little toesies are crying to be free!  It is then that I turn to my tried and trusted Birk's.....I love the ones I have now, little bit earthy, little bit dressy...but fact is I need new ones!  These are the ones that I am hoping to snag this year down in Syracuse when we go on March Break....

Next on my list is an item that is a complete indulgence....I am quite happy with books in the paper form but I am secretly longing for an e-reader....a complete long shot gift but mucho appreciado should it appear!

Last, but certainly no least, is the old stand bys...clothing.....my life has changed so much in the last few years....whereas before I would be looking for designer classic pieces that be suitable for work, dressy occasions, etc...I know find myself realizing that I can not crawl around the studio altering tutus in wool trousers!  That isn't to say that I am becoming a total "Schlumpadinka" but there has to be a happy medium between fun and functional....that being said here are a few pieces that are singing my tune

Well that's it!  And believe me, it feels really good!  I suggest if you have a special occasion coming up that you make a list of things you need/want and share it!  By the way, if you run into any of my family...most importantly James, please let them now about the items on my list!  I promise to do the same for you when it your special day comes around!

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