Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Ready to be Shamrocked on my Birthday!!

I am sensing a theme this week, and the theme is obviously "My Birthday"!  It isn't very often that I head out to the local watering fact I rarely do...the idea of running into former students really gives me the creeps (and believe me it has happened!).  Tomorrow night I am making the exception!  I am off to the Bellevegas Boardroom for their Get Shamrocked for Gleaners Food Bank!

The Bellevegas Boardroom is a new establishment here in town....taking it's name from the nickname that we locals have long called our friendly city.  I know a few people who work/been there and they say it is out of this world....the classy, adult friendly bar that has been missing from Belleville for decades.  They have a great looking list of live bands that are set to play in the upcoming weeks.  Not only am I excited for tomorrow night but am hopeful that I have found a place for my friends and I to go, enjoy a martini, have a great gab and enjoy some entertainment!

Tomorrow being St. Patty's Day, Bellevegas Boardroom has linked up with our local food bank Gleaner's.   Making/bringing a donation for the food bank is ticket into what should be the best party in town!  Jessica Murphy ~ Rock 107 Lovely Lady/Dance Teacher Extraordinaire/Bellevegas Boardroom Bartender~ has secured us a VIP section for the evening!  What a great way to celebrate my birthday ~ helping a great cause, supporting a local business and sharing an evening with friends!  Hope to see you there!


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