Saturday, January 22, 2011

Channeling My Inner Fly Girl....

January means the start of the second term of dance classes in our also means we are on the home stretch towards the competition season and after comp season comes recitals.  And recitals mean costumes!!!  Lots of costumes!!  In fact there will be close to 12 costumes in our house alone....oh the bliss of being a dance mom!!

Costumes mean sewing to me and it is the kind of thing I love!  I started sewing costumes last year, I really enjoyed the entire process - from being handed a package of fabric and notions right up to watching my creations on stage!  This year is even more exciting as I am lucky enough to be involved from the beginning of the process and I am making costumes for my little man too!

So this is what happened....

Mr Mac is in a Hip Hop class in which they are doing their recital number to MC Hammer's Can't Touch This.....

I am in Fabricland today, looking for fabric for my bathroom and Megs bedroom redo and I found the best deal on fabric!!  I quickly spotted this fabric.....

It is a delicious, silver, fantastic, fabric....which reminded me of .......

So now I am on a mission to re-create MC Hammer and the Fly Girls from In Living Color!  Little bit of a blast from my past but I can totally picture Mac and the little girls in his class kicking it old school!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays

I have to be honest I am copying one of the items on Wish List Wednesday from a Facebook post I made before Christmas.....It truly is what every mother, father, person-on-the-go needs.  And no it isn't more time in a day!!

It is a wireless key finder!  Seriously, how many times have you misplaced your keys and while wandering around your house searching for them have said..."I need one of those call buttons like the phone has, for my keys".  Okay so maybe I am the only one who says that..but still I think this thing is so cool!

It comes with 2 key fobs so you can find both your keys and your hubby's.  Check it out Wireless Key Finder.

My next wish list is a project that is sitting on my husband to-do list for a few weeks...eventually ....

I need this organized craft space in my living room! 

For anyone who knows my house, my living room is essentially split in 2.  On one half is our couches and TV...on the other half is my antique piano, the fireplace, computer and stacks of my craft stuff.

What I really would like, is a workable craft/storage space that is functional!

One would think that this would be easy, knowing that my husband is a carpenter, but just as the shoemaker's kids go barefoot, the carpenter's wife goes without the craft centre!

Here are some other that I enjoy and would love to incorporate.....  What do you think?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Do Tuesday!

Survived the ridiculously cold on to Tuesday.

I only have the dance classes tonight to measure and that portion of recital costumes is finished! But that doesn't mean that my to do list is getting any shorter...

Yesterday Mac brought home is class list for Valentine's Day, which reminded me that I wanted to make gifts for the grandparents...looks like I need to add a trip to Michael's to my list!

  • Michael's - for supplies for the Valentine's gifts
  • buy Valentine's for the kids classes - I know you probably thought I would make them...I'm crazy but not that crazy.....
  • Everyday Style party at the Yuke's
  • Anniversary party at the Semark's
  • finish measurements
  • start organizing costumes.....
  • order Joan's birthday gift
Have a great day everyone...don't forget to comment...I love to hear your thoughts....


Monday, January 17, 2011

My FavouritEtsy Monday

Hey there,

It is a frigid -29 C out there and I am trying to convince myself and the kids that we do really need to get up and go to work and school!

But before I left, I wanted to highlight one of my favourite Etsy shops for all of you who are lucky enough to be indoors by a computer!

This week's FavouritEtsy is Pieces of Me Pendants (I have provided a quick link to her Etsy Shop).

I love Lisa's work, not just for the quality and creativity but it is work that is affordable and appeals to all ages!


I purchased several items "off the shelf" for Christmas gifts, including these for my daughter, her best friend and my "teenage test drive "Hailey".  All of the girls (age 8-14) loved them!

But what blew me away was a custom piece that she made for me at no extra charge!  My bff, Kelly, is a Rolling Stones fanatic, she has everything Rolling Stones!  So for Christmas, I decided to do a theme gift and find items that she didn't have.  Along with a book and dvd, I had Lisa make a pendant if the Rolling Stones symbol...I will have to get a photo from Kelly but let me tell you it is absolutely perfect!

She also makes keychains,  I purchased the one above for myself after Christmas, the saying comes from an old WWII British wartime poster, but it is really relevant to me right now.

I hope you take a stroll through Lisa's shop...with almost everything under $20 it is a little guilty pleasure that you can enjoy without breaking the bank or budget!

Stay out of the cold!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowy Saturday.....

This has been the view out my front door sine I awoke this morning....even now as I am writing, I am watching fat, fluffy, cotton ball flakes float down dodging their smaller, hurried cousins.

The kidlets are still at Mamma's, so after a thorough house clean, running the dishwasher and doing laundry I have decided to check into my fabric stash as hubby gets his fill of NFL films.

I have a great book that I picked up after Christmas, One Yard Wonders....

This book has 101 sewing projects that you can do with just 1 yard of fabric.  There are many sew-alongs out there that are tackling this book as a year long project, but for me I am more of the sample from the buffet rather than do it all at once. So I am going to check into my fabric stash, see what I have and see which project I might tackle.

Let's be honest, as soon as I get everything out the kids will be home....but here's to trying!

Friday, January 14, 2011

TGIF and Date Night!

Ahh...Friday night.....

How quickly times change...not so long ago Friday night would be the kick off to party filled weekends and late shifts at the restaurant....Now Friday nights signaled the end of the work week and the start of family time...

But this Friday is different....the hubby and I are heading out on a date!  Sans kids too!  This week was our anniversary but with work schedules and dance schedules there wasn't time for we sent the kids to mom's and are heading out for dinner and a movie...imagine a dinner without a toy and a movie that isn't animated or 3D!!

In other news, I wanted to thank my Aunt Lauren....she read my blog on Wednesday and sent me a copy of "Amy Butler's - Style Stitches" arrived today!!  I am hoping tonight I can convince James to check out some fabrics....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to the real world & measurements!

I know what you are goodness she blogging awfully early this morning!  And you would be right....but it is time for me to head back to the world of grown ups again today...or in my case the world of grown ups and a few hundred kids!  I am starting a new position today...and am hoping for the best...will let you know when I return!

In other news, I started measuring at the dance studio for recital costumes!  I really love this time of year...the planning, sewing , bedazzling!  It is really neat to be involved in the process and watch it come to life on stage.  More measurements tonight.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anniversary and Wednesday Wishlist!

I have to start today's post by wishing my hubby a Happy Anniversary!  We are having quite a bit of snow today and all I could think was, thank heavens this didn't happen on our wedding day!

I have also decided that Wednesdays will be "Wish List Wednesdays".  A day where I can be completely self indulgent and childlike and post an item that I am dreaming of...not that I expect to recieve said item but hey if anyone is feeling generous...send it my way!

Today's wish is two items....a book and a ring.... the book is something that I have been drooling over but am waiting for there to be room in our new strict budget....the ring is an item that I would love to have...perhaps for my next anniversary (hint, hint)

First the book,

I have a small creative crush on Amy Butler!  It seems that everything she touches is fantabulous!  I often browse her website for fabric ideas (yes, she designs her own), pattern ideas (I am making a tree skirt for Kelly from one of her free pdfs) and more.  However, I would really like this book for making bags.  I love bags & purses, so to create one from an Amy Butler design would be awesome!

The other "big ticket" wish is this ring

This ring is designed by Kate Szabone.  I discovered Kate on Etsy and immediately loved her work.  I'm not the most glamourous girl and I find alot of diamond rings to be much to "blingy" for me and my taste.  I love the simplicity of Kate's designs and how she uses conflict free diamonds that other may not be interested in to make the most beautiful jewellery that everyone would be proud to wear!  And she is Canadian...just up the road in Whitby!  If you are looking for unique, beautiful pieces I would definitely suggest her Etsy shop... Kate's Etsy.  You will be glad you did!  And if anyone is talking to my hubby...a little hint would be nice!

Now off to make Italian Wedding soup!  Dance night tonight!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To-Do List Tuesdays

Just so I am clear, I don't like Mondays...not in the Boomtown Rats sing songy a ~they are already a pain so why add to them~ kind of way.  Which is why I find myself writing my to-do lists on Tuesdays...which I have decided I will share here in the hopes that the fear of public shame and humiliation will prevent procrastination....lets hope it works!!

For this week

  • balance bank books
  • filing
  • kids rooms clean
  • price out material for new sewing project
  • pick up paint for kids letters for door
  • paint letters
  • buy wreath supplies - paint, ribbon, beads or styrofoam balls (cheapest option?)
  • celebrate anniversary with hubby!
  • clean house
  • all clothes put away
  • return to work
  • new chore charts up
  • Bridal Show on Sunday
And there folks is my week in advance ...hoping to cross of a few  in the next few hours...but have the little man home with me today, so it may not be possible...cross you fingers!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mellow Monday & My FavouritEtsy

Just me, a cup of tea and one sick Miss Megs....  that's how today is shaping up.  Time to clean, regroup and crafting, baking, cutting, beading for me today.

I had the idea, last night, to make Mondays be My FavouritEtsy day, here at Walton's Whimsy.  Each Monday I will showcase one of my favourtie Etsy stores, their owners, their ware, their blogs (if available).  I hope to introduce everyone to some great talent out there!!! My first posting to My FavouritEtsy will start next week!  See you then!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baked Bliss!

With the little man home, it was not the day to get into fabric or paper I turned my hand to baking.

I started with hubby's favourite...ANZAC biscuits...for those not up on their international cuisine, these cookies were made by the moms, wives and girlfriends of soldiers in the Australian & New Zeland Army Corp (thus ANZAC), to be sent in care packages during the first world war.  I found the recipe many moons ago in a Martha Stewart cookbook and hubby fell in love instantly, with the cookies that is, I am sure he loved me long before....

I also made my granola bars as previously posted.  This time I used raisins, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds and coconut.  I missed the tartness, that the cranberries that I often use, give the bars but the family seems to like them.

By this point Mr Mac was bugging to make something with me so we whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for lunches this week.

James had put a brisket in the slow cooker this morning.  The savoury smell of it cooking kept me energized throughout the day.  While the kitchen was already in chaos, I decided to make homemade rolls for the sandwiches for dinner.  Although they tasted great, they didn't brown very nicely, not sure why....

The kitchen is now clean, supper is over and all are in bed.  Time to take myself there as well.  Manic Monday tomorrow....

Good Morning Sunday!

Ah Sunday, the day of rest!  Not!  The cleaning fairies didn't make it to our house last night so time to do a big "ten minute tidy"!  Hubby is slow cooking a brisket, so I think some homemade buns are needing to be made.  While I'm in the kitchen I figure I should make my bff's fave "Homemade Granola Bars" ~ I promise to save you some Kelly! Perhaps some cookies will get made for lunches as well...

If you think you can get into the kitchen then try these granola bars, you will never want to buy another pre-made one again!

Laura's Granola Bars

3 cups oats
3-4 cups of whatever ( I use chocolate chips, coconut, cranberries, sunflower seeds, whatever I have on hand)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a 9 x 13 pan
Mix all ingredients in large bowl - feel free to use your hands!  Press flat into pan
Bake for 20 -25 minutes...edges will be golden brown but bars will be moist & chewy.  Let cool 5 minutes then cut into bars.  Cool completely before eating.

Busy night ...all to myself!

What a terrific night!  Hubby & son went off to a hockey game and daughter was at a sleepover...time to pull out fabric and ribbons and get to work!

First I needed to finish my advent calender (check out the page).  It was a long process but I think the results were worth it!

I then, set to work on a pair of booties that I had been planning.  The pattern was thanks again to Lena's patterns ( check out her blog at  I really didn't think I was going to complete them tonight as I hadn't grab batting for the soles from my mom, but sticking with whim rules I substituted an extra layer of fleece.  They are going to head to my friend's daughter, but I think I am going to attempt some little boy gear next!

I seemed to be on a roll so I decided to try my hand at an organizer.  I had picked up some great fabric at Fabricland with the intent to make a bag.  I decided to sacrifice a foot of fabric and create the organizer completely pattern free.  I am truly impressed!  For those who know me, I always have my diary and calendar...but often they get lost in the shuffle of my purse, so I decided to create an organizer that would fashionably hold everything.....

I am thrilled with the way it turned out!  I even added pockets inside to keep things on those pesky Michael's coupons that I always forget!

Now I am off to bed to dream of what whim will be next!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've never sat on a Saturday!

Wowzers!!  Saturdays are really busy considering we don't plan any activities for the day!  My dad is here trying to figure out what the next step is for our bathroom reno.  What This Old House doesn't show is the years of half assed renos that make real renos take forever!

In other news, Megs is heading to Nanny &  Poppa's for a sleepover and James is taking Mac to a hockey game...per chance a night for me!

Off to get groceries and run errands...hopefully I will be able to complete my latest whim and post the final product tonight.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Whim #1

Ballet Slippers for the new Ballerina

This was my very first whim!  I found some great fabrics (see below) at a great deal after Christmas and wanted to put it to use.  The pattern is from Lena at NeedleCraftPatterns on Etsy (Thanks Lena!).  Super easy to do, great directions I was able to whip these little cuties up in an hour.  The straps that were to go on these gave me a hassle and my rule with any whim is "don't sweat it", so I substituted some cute "dragonfly" ribbon from Michael's.  Can't wait to make more!

Cute pink cotton and white on white random polka dots!  both Fabricland after Christmas sales

This is ......

... the beginning of a beautiful thing ...I hope! 2011 is a year where I am taking time to develop and nurture a more creative side of me...thus Walton's Whimsy was born...I am taking the opportunity to work on projects that speak to me...and hope to speak about that journey here.

 Feel free to comment, make suggestion and tell friends...all feedback is welcome ...(well maybe not from the Negative Neds in the bunch!)