Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anniversary and Wednesday Wishlist!

I have to start today's post by wishing my hubby a Happy Anniversary!  We are having quite a bit of snow today and all I could think was, thank heavens this didn't happen on our wedding day!

I have also decided that Wednesdays will be "Wish List Wednesdays".  A day where I can be completely self indulgent and childlike and post an item that I am dreaming of...not that I expect to recieve said item but hey if anyone is feeling generous...send it my way!

Today's wish is two items....a book and a ring.... the book is something that I have been drooling over but am waiting for there to be room in our new strict budget....the ring is an item that I would love to have...perhaps for my next anniversary (hint, hint)

First the book,

I have a small creative crush on Amy Butler!  It seems that everything she touches is fantabulous!  I often browse her website for fabric ideas (yes, she designs her own), pattern ideas (I am making a tree skirt for Kelly from one of her free pdfs) and more.  However, I would really like this book for making bags.  I love bags & purses, so to create one from an Amy Butler design would be awesome!

The other "big ticket" wish is this ring

This ring is designed by Kate Szabone.  I discovered Kate on Etsy and immediately loved her work.  I'm not the most glamourous girl and I find alot of diamond rings to be much to "blingy" for me and my taste.  I love the simplicity of Kate's designs and how she uses conflict free diamonds that other may not be interested in to make the most beautiful jewellery that everyone would be proud to wear!  And she is Canadian...just up the road in Whitby!  If you are looking for unique, beautiful pieces I would definitely suggest her Etsy shop... Kate's Etsy.  You will be glad you did!  And if anyone is talking to my hubby...a little hint would be nice!

Now off to make Italian Wedding soup!  Dance night tonight!

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