Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Do Tuesday!

Survived the ridiculously cold Monday...now on to Tuesday.

I only have the dance classes tonight to measure and that portion of recital costumes is finished! But that doesn't mean that my to do list is getting any shorter...

Yesterday Mac brought home is class list for Valentine's Day, which reminded me that I wanted to make gifts for the grandparents...looks like I need to add a trip to Michael's to my list!

  • Michael's - for supplies for the Valentine's gifts
  • buy Valentine's for the kids classes - I know you probably thought I would make them...I'm crazy but not that crazy.....
  • Everyday Style party at the Yuke's
  • Anniversary party at the Semark's
  • finish measurements
  • start organizing costumes.....
  • order Joan's birthday gift
Have a great day everyone...don't forget to comment...I love to hear your thoughts....


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