Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To-Do List Tuesdays

Just so I am clear, I don't like Mondays...not in the Boomtown Rats sing songy way...in a ~they are already a pain so why add to them~ kind of way.  Which is why I find myself writing my to-do lists on Tuesdays...which I have decided I will share here in the hopes that the fear of public shame and humiliation will prevent procrastination....lets hope it works!!

For this week

  • balance bank books
  • filing
  • kids rooms clean
  • price out material for new sewing project
  • pick up paint for kids letters for door
  • paint letters
  • buy wreath supplies - paint, ribbon, beads or styrofoam balls (cheapest option?)
  • celebrate anniversary with hubby!
  • clean house
  • all clothes put away
  • return to work
  • new chore charts up
  • Bridal Show on Sunday
And there folks is my week in advance ...hoping to cross of a few  in the next few hours...but have the little man home with me today, so it may not be possible...cross you fingers!


  1. Are chore charts not the best thing, ever? Far less nagging on our behalf because you just have to say "check the chore chart". :)

  2. calicogirl is me, Shannon (Mathers). Just fyi.