Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day has been so many things for me.~

The educator in me sees it as I time to celebrate the birth of a great nation, one that celebrates the diversity of its citizens and provides opportunity to those that are willing to seize it. It is a time to recognize the many transformations that have happened in the 144 years that our country has taken its place on the world map.  What a great place to live

The mother in me sees it as the beginning of 60+ days of freedom!  No school, and therefore no work for me!  Warm summer breezes, rainy day crafts and summer nights where there is no bedtimes.  I completely lose the routine for the next two months...something that the kids love and causes me anxiety but we live through it!

Obviously this photo is not recent...but it reminded me of the easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy days that are ahead!

Happy Canada Day everyone!  Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two months is Too Long!

Well it seems that according to this blog that I fell off the face of the earth...but it has been the busiest 70 days that I have had in a long time....

Where to start...

Well competitive dance season came to an end ~ it was truly a great season for Miss Megs - she had several personal bests and handled herself like a pro throughout the season.  At the end of the season she also was involved in a production for a charity event in Kingston.  She also had the opportunity to take 2 workshops with SYTYCDC alumni Jonathan Arsenault (check out the photo!). Exams fell in between  - this was her first year studying the CDTA syllabus and I was very proud of her results!

We also celebrated Mac's 5th birthday with a Lego extravaganza...check out my facebook album for some great photos (way too many to post here!)

I filled in my spare time (note the sarcasm) with completing and altering dance costumes.  This weekend is our studio's annual Spring Recital and I am looking forward to seeing not only my pride and joy  (Megs and Mac) on stage but the results of my handiwork as well....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dancers and Illness - a crappy duet!

Oh the Spring brings many things, sunshine, flowers, dance competitions, allergies and flu....ughh...

As I prepare for our second competition (and I use the term our in the sense that I do the grunt work and Miss Megs does the hard work!), it seems that everyone around me is dropping like mad from colds and flu...I have considered wrapping Megs in a bubble but realize that it is not feasible unless I get an identical one for everyone in her numbers!

This morning my best friend posted that her daughter, Piper (Megs' bff) was under the weather with a cough and upset stomach (which Piper assured Kelly was the result of too much coughing!).  I noticed that our studio director is fighting a bug, one of our choreographers was off with a bug and when I picked up Mr. Mac he was in tears over his ears that "really hurt when I yawn".  Trust me there are not enough Lysol wipes to avoid my little dancer coming into contact with something.

And then I remembered a poem I read on a fav webiste created by dance moms for dance moms -  I thought I would include it here.  I found it last year when Megs and Piper came down with chickenpox, right before competition I might add, it really put humour into what is a dance mom truth!

The Night Before Competition

'Twas the night before Competition, when all through the house
Not a creature was worried - not even my spouse.
The rhinestones were glued to each costume with care,
And certain to blind every judge with their glare.

Our dancer was nestled all snug in her bed,
While visions of Platinum danced in her head.
And dad in his t-shirt, and me in my sweats,
Were just kicking back with a beer and some chips.

When up in the bedroom there arose such a clatter,
I fell off the couch and yelled, "What the hell is the matter?!"
Away to our girl's room, I flew like a flash,
Tore open the door and caught glimpse of...The Rash.

The red on the face of our girl let us know,
That this illness could threaten her spot in the show.
When what to my husband's mind should occur,
But the we'd invested to register her.

With a little calculation done frighteningly quick,
He said "we'd waste hundreds, if she truly was sick."
More rapid than switchleaps, the treatment they came,
And I diagnosed quickly and called them by name.

"Try Advil! Try Nyquil! Try a couple Aleve.
Put on Aloe or Cortizone or Benedryl Cream."
From the medicine cabinet at the end of the hall,
I dispensed every treatment and said, "Use them all!"

With thermometer in hand, I demanded a chance,
To check for a fever. "Damn, I hope she can dance!"
We took our girl's temp. and suspected the flu.
And I nearly passed out when it read 1-0-2.

And then in an instant, we lost sight of our girl,
Who ran into the bathroom and started to hurl.
As she wiped back her tears she sobbed, "This isn't fun."
"Competition's tomorrow, and I could have won."

She'd have been dressed to kill, from her head to her foot,
And no one could have beat her.  She's really that good.
A bundle of talent with a smile to delight,
Would have brought her top honours-- her God-given right.

Her jewels would have twinkled.  Her costume? Cranberry.
Same shade as her lipstick, as she'd shake to "Proud Mary".
She was born for this dance, and could nail it cold.
Leaving the judges to award nothing less than High Gold.

Her hairstyle--expensive, like the costume beneath,
And we'd mortgaged the house, just to straighten her teeth.
All in all you could say, we'd invested a ton,
It was like the stock market, but now she's Enron.

Alas, full of meds, dancer lay back in bed.
To console our dear daughter, we stroked the child's head.
We spoke not a word - too consumed with our fret,
Until dad broke the silence, "Why's her forehead so wet?"

I checked for myself, for I feared a cruel joke,
But found hope had returned, yes, her fever had broke.
We sprang form her room, and we danced down the hall,
With a good night of sleep, she'd compete after all.

We had rescued this weekend, for our daughter so dear,
More important: preserved hope for her Broadway career.
And we heard her exclaim at the next morning's light,
"I'm ready to dance, mom, yep, I'm feelin' alright!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Legofest...the beginning

They say that you want for your children what you did not have as a child....if this is the case I obviously have some deep seeded resentment over the lack of handmade birthday invitations!

From the time my kids have been able to give me input on what they would like their theme to be for their party (or in some cases the theme that I have given them!) I have been making their invitations.  Some of Meghan's past invites have included seed packages for a garden party, backstage passes for a Hannah Montana dance party and flip flops for a make and take flip flop party.

This was the invite that I made for Mr Mac's 2nd birthday party - a farm themed party on my parent's farm complete with pony rides and a cow pinata!

But I have to confess...Mac is truly is a second child!  Last year, his birthday fell in the midst of dance season and his sister's First Communion.  Unfortunately, his birthday was merely glazed over.....

But in true "Guilty Mama" fashion, I am back to focus on his birthday with a vengeance!

I asked my dear boy what he would like to do for his birthday...his 3 wishes ~ bowling, Lego and a cake!  And that is what he will have.  He nearly skipped into the bowling alley when he went with me to book his date and he was patient as he has ever been as I dragged him through Michael's, to get what I needed for his Lego invites.

I decided to keep it simple (amazing, I know and so like me lol!) - the invites needed to say Lego but I had to keep in mind that I had about 20 to make!  I decided on using the infamous Lego brick for inspiration.  What I came up with was a 6 stud Lego brick (which I now have found out doesn't exist) using 5 colours of card stock, some white cards & envelopes and my 1" circle punch.

I punched out all the circles needed and originally glued them to pieces of card stock that I planned to glue to the cards.....

But it seemed much too 2 dimensional for me, so I tried sticky foam squares......Success!

They look like giant Lego pieces...just what I wanted!  All that was left was to fill in the details of the event and decorate the inside and envelope!

I love easy to make things look nicely finished!  Now time to pack some into the message bag for school tomorrow, hand deliver some locally and send the others in the mail......I just hope my plan for the cake turns out as well....good thing the day before is Good may take some work!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dance Like No One is Watching!

This weekend, the kids and I made a trek to our neighbourhood Michael's to get materials for Mac's birthday invitations (check back for details).  While scoping out the store Miss Megs found this garden flag and I had to buy it!

First of all I love the way the Peanut characters dance....if you look at their faces they are lost in their own musical happiness just carrying out the beat as a message of musical joy!

My second reason for this flag is that it is the perfect flag to be flown during competitive dance season!  This sentence is one of the last words I whisper to Miss Megs as she heads out on stage because although she dances for her teachers, the judges, her team, at the end of it all it is all about her and her happiness!

The whole quote is this
"Dance like no one is watching -  Love like you will never be hurt -  Sing like no one is listening - And live like it's Heaven on earth"   ~ William Purkey

It is a terrific quote reminding everyone to live life to the fullest.  So we will fly this flag until the end of the season as a reminder as we pull out of the driveway on route to the studio or the competition venue....that we all need to be dancing like no one is watching!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laura & Kelly's Excellent Adventure - Part 2 - The Beginning, Again!

In less than 24 hours, Miss Megs will begin her second competition season with her bff Piper, who happens to be the daughter of my bff, Kelly!

I am so lucky to be sharing this journey with them!  And am super excited as Kelly's older daughter ( and my pseudo daughter) Hailey is joining our ride for the first time this year...can't wait to watch her compete!

We have so many memories of our first year competing ~ "Tips up Ladies" ~ Ann, many fishbowls, the Germans, Diane, the armpit of the U.S.A~  But I am looking forward to making more memories as we start a new chapter with our new studio, Angela Maracle Studios..Already I am making my list ~ wine IV's, Mr Dressup, Bush Trimming....

I can promise everyone that it is never a boring ride when you are on one of our adventures and this year will be no different....stay tuned for details!

Miss Megs in Alice

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Ready to be Shamrocked on my Birthday!!

I am sensing a theme this week, and the theme is obviously "My Birthday"!  It isn't very often that I head out to the local watering fact I rarely do...the idea of running into former students really gives me the creeps (and believe me it has happened!).  Tomorrow night I am making the exception!  I am off to the Bellevegas Boardroom for their Get Shamrocked for Gleaners Food Bank!

The Bellevegas Boardroom is a new establishment here in town....taking it's name from the nickname that we locals have long called our friendly city.  I know a few people who work/been there and they say it is out of this world....the classy, adult friendly bar that has been missing from Belleville for decades.  They have a great looking list of live bands that are set to play in the upcoming weeks.  Not only am I excited for tomorrow night but am hopeful that I have found a place for my friends and I to go, enjoy a martini, have a great gab and enjoy some entertainment!

Tomorrow being St. Patty's Day, Bellevegas Boardroom has linked up with our local food bank Gleaner's.   Making/bringing a donation for the food bank is ticket into what should be the best party in town!  Jessica Murphy ~ Rock 107 Lovely Lady/Dance Teacher Extraordinaire/Bellevegas Boardroom Bartender~ has secured us a VIP section for the evening!  What a great way to celebrate my birthday ~ helping a great cause, supporting a local business and sharing an evening with friends!  Hope to see you there!