Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Legofest...the beginning

They say that you want for your children what you did not have as a child....if this is the case I obviously have some deep seeded resentment over the lack of handmade birthday invitations!

From the time my kids have been able to give me input on what they would like their theme to be for their party (or in some cases the theme that I have given them!) I have been making their invitations.  Some of Meghan's past invites have included seed packages for a garden party, backstage passes for a Hannah Montana dance party and flip flops for a make and take flip flop party.

This was the invite that I made for Mr Mac's 2nd birthday party - a farm themed party on my parent's farm complete with pony rides and a cow pinata!

But I have to confess...Mac is truly is a second child!  Last year, his birthday fell in the midst of dance season and his sister's First Communion.  Unfortunately, his birthday was merely glazed over.....

But in true "Guilty Mama" fashion, I am back to focus on his birthday with a vengeance!

I asked my dear boy what he would like to do for his birthday...his 3 wishes ~ bowling, Lego and a cake!  And that is what he will have.  He nearly skipped into the bowling alley when he went with me to book his date and he was patient as he has ever been as I dragged him through Michael's, to get what I needed for his Lego invites.

I decided to keep it simple (amazing, I know and so like me lol!) - the invites needed to say Lego but I had to keep in mind that I had about 20 to make!  I decided on using the infamous Lego brick for inspiration.  What I came up with was a 6 stud Lego brick (which I now have found out doesn't exist) using 5 colours of card stock, some white cards & envelopes and my 1" circle punch.

I punched out all the circles needed and originally glued them to pieces of card stock that I planned to glue to the cards.....

But it seemed much too 2 dimensional for me, so I tried sticky foam squares......Success!

They look like giant Lego pieces...just what I wanted!  All that was left was to fill in the details of the event and decorate the inside and envelope!

I love stamping....so easy to make things look nicely finished!  Now time to pack some into the message bag for school tomorrow, hand deliver some locally and send the others in the mail......I just hope my plan for the cake turns out as well....good thing the day before is Good Friday....it may take some work!

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